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​Serious Machine.

​High Flotation Tires, Articulating / Osillating Chassis, Planetary Drive Hubs, Posi Traction Differentials, make this machine stand in a class of its own.

​Ability To work.

Utilizing 3 Heavy Duty Winches, 1 on the front and 2 on the back, 17,000 pounds of pulling force​ ​and 30,000 pounds of lifting force makes moving stubborn tasks a walk in the park.





This machine is Friendly on the Environment !!! Leaving only light footprints where it travels, helps keep the natural resources, "NATURAL" !!!

our Services

We offer services dedicated to people who venture beyond the beaten path, that are up and above anything in the Off Road Recovery Service. We have the ability to get you out of the worst of the worst terrain, utilizing the best lifting and pulling equipment such as "Ardco","Crosby" , "McKissick", "Goodyear", "Tulsa Winches". Not only do we go where the other guys only dream about,BUT we bring you back. "Our No Excuses Payment Policy", In the event that we can not perform the task of removing your vehicle from its stuck condition,  it costs you,NOTHING!!! . End Of STORY !!!

Serving Port Aransas & surrounding areas

Hwy 361 from Aransas Pass, Port Aransas, to Pk Rd. 22,


Special Request for"Out Of Area Recovery" requiring highway hauling the "Full Pull" to the closest location and back, can be arranged.


We hope your visit in Port Aransas collects good times and memories, but when you need us, We'll do our best to help you out of a difficult situation.

The quicker that you contact us, The quicker 

you will be back on solid ground, so that you 

​can get back to enjoying your time off.

Weekends,Holidays, No Problem !!!!!

      "Full Pull"                     Off Road Towing

using the right tools

When you want the job done right, you use the right tools. Using a pair of pliers when the proper wrench would make the task a whole lot easier and safer, it only makes sense.

​My name is Claude Brown.I built the "FULL PULL" to meet the demands of Off Road Towing and Recovery.

I am a "CERTIFIED" Crane Operator.   National Commission for Certification of Crane Operators. with over 30 years of experience in lifting and rigging. I have training through "Crosby" in Lifting Risk Management. & I am a Texas Certified Safety "Instructor". These tools help me get the "Job Done Right"

I offer "Off Road Towing / Pulling as a service to assist people who have been unfortunate enough to have become stuck in a really adverse  terrain situation. I "DO NOT" Tow or Pull anything "ON ROADWAY", that's the Tow Truck Operators job. If you find your self in mechanical distress with your vehicle, I work closely with "MRS WOODY'S here in Port Aransas, Texas.  Chrissy & Nolan Bell the Proprietors can assist you with their team of Mechanics and On Road Tow Truck Operators.

They are conveniently located @ the corner of Cutoff Rd. and Gulf Street here in Port Aransas.

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       "Help You Out" !!!!!!